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Deep Space Mining Series Book 2

About This Book

When games of politics put the lives of deep space miners, a coalition of captains organizes a resistance.

The crew of DSM Boone are still reeling from being the target of a saboteur and the lost of a friend, but Captain Greg Daniels pushes them back out for another asteroid capture. Will this break the spirit and cause a mutiny?

Computer specialist Zayna Watson doesn’t know who can trust. Her world is being thrown on a rollercoaster ride of adventure, betrayal, and self-discovery. Will she stand with the one man that has given her all her opportunities, or is the evidence against him shown her by an underground resistance movement convince her to bring down her mentor?

As a conspiracy is uncovered and alliances are being formed, who will be at the top when the dust settles?

Be sure to read the first book in the Deep Space Mining Series: Lasso, and then read Vultures as the adventure continues.