Hello World!

Life is composed of moments. Some of those moments are positive, others are negative, and many just fill the gaps. What we accomplish in each one of those moments decides our life experience. I have always done my best to not shy away from moments that offer me with the opportunity to better my life. I have not always made the best decisions in those moments.
Recently I was presented with such a moment related to my writing. I could choose to continue writing in private and never share it with anyone, or I could put my stories in a professional book form and see if I could bring entertainment to the world. I’ve made the latter choice.

I’ve learned that when you make a choice to take action, it’s never the easier choice. Inaction is easier and offers you the safest path, but it also has a near zero chance to lead to a fulfilled life. It’s only when you choose to take action during your moment of opportunity that the path to achievement is visible. Only through finding achievement does your life fill with joy.

We’ve all seen the path to achievement, the problem is that it lies on the other side of the mountain, through the dark woods, and requires you to sacrifice to get there. There is no shortcut, alternate route, or a better time to try. When your moment arrives you either start your journey on the path to achievement, or you don’t. And the worst part is, even if you chose to attack the path with all the ambition and determination to reach the end, you may not ever get there.

This is not the first time the path to achieving my dream of being a writer was given to me. The first time I saw it I attacked the path, I jumped in to the dark woods, and I sacrificed. And then the comfortable path of normalcy showed me a smoother path that required less effort to traverse. I got off the path to achievement, and my manuscripts piled up with no plan to do anything with them. Life went on and I found happiness in all the blessings I had, but my path lead nowhere near achieving my dream. I had just about giving up on the dream, and then a new moment happened.

Now is one of the rare moments in life where a new moment has presented me with the path to being a writer. A combination of inspiration, a new year, desire, and (most importantly) my wife and family. And this brings me to why I’m writing this. To define where the push to achieve publishing my stories comes from. I’m determined to finish my story, package it professionally, and ask readers to purchase it. In return I promise the reader an original story with memorable characters and, I hope, a filling entertainment experience.

If you’re a writer, or have wanted to be a writer, I want to give back to you. I will share my experience here. You will hear about all my success, my failures, and hopefully you will be inspired to follow your own path to achieving your goals.

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Come along with me on this amazing adventure.

Until next time…